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News - January 4, 2019

Family with physically disabled children needs urgent help

Out of ten children born to the Abodzo  family at Wuhor in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region, seven became disabled and out of the seven, five died leaving two with severe forms of physical disability.

The father of the disabled, Samuel Abodzo, who is a peasant farmer, said it has been very difficult coping with the situation in abject poverty over the years with no one to help. Health-related issues have been a great to the family, he said.

“It has been very difficult taking care of these children with the high rate of poverty with no help in sight especially with health-related issues that we face regularly,” Mr Abodzo lamented.

“Losing five children out of ten of which seven were disabled has been traumatic for him and his wife as they have had two more with severe physical disability, a situation which is worrying to the family. We gave birth to ten children, five died and two are physically disabled,” he lamented.

He has commended the DCE of North Tongu, Richard Collins Arku for helping the family and has appealed to the government to come to the aid of the family.

This is the trauma the Abodzo family has been going through for more than 30 years with many people asking whether indeed disability is an inability.

Their situation is so bad making it worse for the family to because all of the energy  has gone to babysitting the disabled adults who rather looks like children.

The plight of the Abodzo family compelled the district assembly to support them with wheel chairs, one cornmeal and a bundle of iron sheets to turn their economic fortunes around. The donation which came from the disability fund of the assembly also benefited more than seven persons with disability.

The DCE for the area, Richard Collins Arku who discovered the family, said the assembly is doing its best to help but have appealed to organizations and individuals to give them a helping hand.

Arku promised government their total commitment at making sure that PWDs are well catered for and given the necessary support and empower them economically to be self-reliant. Also, it will get them out of the street and around other activities that can  endanger their lives.

“Government is making sure that people with disabilities are given the necessary attention but individuals and organisations also need to come to the aid of these people,” Mr Arku said.

Arku added that the government  is committed and focused to enhancing the living conditions of PWDs in the country and appealed to the public to also support the PWDs in their little ways

Mr Arku also said that plans are underway for the family to be registered under the health insurance scheme so as to seek medical care for the children this month.

“I have asked the personnel of  the health insurance scheme to come to the village and register them this month looking at the distance from their ommunity to the main town and the difficulties they may have to go through in travelling to the town to register the children,” he said.

The Assemblyman for the area, Mawuli Vorsah also lamented on the plight of the Abodzo family and appealed their assistance.

Godwin and Wisdom Amekpewu can neither talk, walk, or hear and until help comes their way they are asking the government to assist.

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